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Zoo Animals

Zoo animal fabric brings your love of animals into your fashion, home decor, quilting or craft project. We have everything from racoons to cute foxes. Everyone loves cute animals, and we can't resist getting them for you. They are wonderful prints to liven up your living space or to make an adorable quilt for the new baby in your family. All of our cotton fabrics are made from high quality cottons, feel great and are a dream to work with. These fabrics are unique and wonderful, we just know that you will love them.

Lion Cotton Fabric White

Mini Lions Cotton Taupe

Urban Zoologie Hippos Cotton White

Urban Zoologie Giraffes Cotton Spring

Urban Zoologie Lions Cotton Bermuda

African Plains Wildlife Cotton

Grazing Elephants Cotton

Imaginarium Giraffe Cotton White

Imaginarium Elephant Cotton Blue

Art Gallery Safari Moon Animalia Splendor Cotton Blue

Art Gallery Safari Moon Wild Life Waterfall Cotton Blue

Babar Skydiving Cotton Grey

Babar Skydiving Cotton Turquoise

Babar Stamps Cotton Cream

Babar Stamps Cotton Grey

Babar Stamps Cotton Red

Babar Traveling Elephants Cotton Cream

Babar Traveling Elephants Cotton Grey  <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Babar Traveling Elephants Cotton Turquoise

Babar's Trip Cotton Cream

Babar's Trip Cotton Red  <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Babar's Trip Cotton Yellow

African Safari Cotton Grey

Michal Miller Here's to You Animals Cotton Cream

Zaza Monkeys Cotton Grey

Zaza Zebra Cotton Grey

Zaza Giraffe Cotton Blue

Zaza Birds Cotton Yellow

Rousseau Wild Jungle Cotton Black

Born to be Wild Animal Cotton White

Cotton & Steel August Sarah Watts Hide & Seek Cotton Teal

Cotton & Steel August Sarah Watts Hide & Seek Cotton Coral

Cotton & Steel August Sarah Watts Monarch Cotton Aqua

Cotton & Steel August Sarah Watts Monarch Cotton Navy

Tiger and Cub Cotton White

Mini Polar Bears Aqua

Flamingos Turquoise

Alligators Green

Tigers Rwarr Black

Silly Chilly Penguin Aqua

Rainforest Frogs Multi on Black

Rainforest Snakes Multi on Black

Michael Miller Mini Lions Quilting Cotton Coral

Urban Zoologie Alligators Cotton Ivory

Jungle Party Zebras Cotton Bermuda

Jungle Party Lions and Tigers Cotton Bermuda

Black and White Tiger Stripes Cotton

Elephants Organic Cotton in Blue

Elephants Organic Cotton in Candy