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Costume Fabric

Costume Fabrics come in all colors, styles and sizes. Here at Harts Fabric, costume fabric is BIG, and an important part of our fabric selection. Here, you'll find all of the fun, flashy and flamboyant fabrics that you’ll need for all of your costumes, dancewear and crafting projects. Here in Santa Cruz, CA, there are parades, festivals and celebrations almost all year long, plus Halloween is a big deal! You can count on us to understand your need for the PERFECT fabric to make your fantastic vision come to life.

Whether you're preparing for Burning Man, Halloween, a Roaring Twenties party or your next big theatre production, we hope you find just what you need to make your dream come true. We get new and exciting costume fabrics every year, especially near Halloween, so get these amazing fabrics while they last (they won’t last long!)

Metallic and Vinyl Costume Fabric

Sequin Fabric


Tulle Netting Fabric

Fishnet & Mesh Fabric

Faux Fur


Velvet & Velour

Eco Felt