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Bottom Weight & Denim

Our denim, twill, suiting and bottom weight fabric section is the home of more utilitarian and serious fabrics that might be used for pants or suits. Use these fabrics to make dynamic suits for the office or casual looks to wear to a weekend luncheon. Looking to make some work pants? Pair any of our fabrics with one of our awesome independent patterns and your new look will be as easy as pie. Denim is a great fabric to use to make a fancy dress pattern into fun casual look. Twill is a classic way to bring the Coco Chanel look to life but with your own style influences. Either way, twill or denim, all these fabrics below will feed your addiction for great bottom-weight fabrics. If you are looking for a touch of class and elegance we carry some amazing tweeds, denim, and suiting fabrics that are sure to get the job done! Our suitings will certainly suit you!

Menorca Suiting Cotton Red

Dove Jacquard Pink Dot

Bondi Denim Neon Pink

Stretch Bottom Weight Coral

Organic Cotton Twill Coral

Stretch Denim Coral

Shantung Plain Fabric Orange

Poly Shantung Orange

Cotton Twill Orange

Cotton Twill Marigold

Menorca Suiting Cotton Yellow

Denim Metallic Gold

Twill Stripe Mint

Cotton Twill Emerald

Lightweight Poly Suiting Army Green

Cotton Ripstop Camo

Menorca Suiting Cotton Green

Bamboo Twill Fabric Aqua

Stretch Denim Turquoise

Cotton Twill Blue

Light Indigo Chambray 4.5 oz Denim Fabric

Allegro Denim 9.5 oz Royal

Indigo Washed 10 oz Denim Fabric

Leopard Print Denim Light

Indigo Washed 8 oz Denim Fabric

Boston Terrier Denim Blue

Bondi Denim Indigo

Cotton Linen Chambray 5oz Fabric Indigo Wash

Cotton Stretch Crepe Royal

Rayon Suiting Navy

Atwell Denim Royal

Allegro Denim 9.5 oz Dark

Shantung Plain Fabric Purple

Stretch Denim Purple

Bottom Weight Twill Organic Cotton Natural

Rayon Stretch Bottom weight Khaki

Light Weight Brushed Suiting Khaki

Robert Kaufman Hampton Twill Cotton Khaki

Menorca Suiting Cotton Navy

Wool Coating Plaid Brown

Cotton Pinstripe Suiting Brown

Stretch Suiting Fabric Brown

Bottom Weight Twill Organic Cotton Brown

Woven Cotton Spandex Black

Amalfi Bottomweight Black

Hampton Twill Black

Bloom Sateen Print White

Harlequin Small Dot Cotton Spandex White

Harlequin Geometric Cotton Spandex Black

Harlequin Stripe Cotton Spandex Grey

Bamboo Twill Fabric Silver

Atwell Denim Black

Light Weight Brushed Suiting Grey

Dot Coating Black

White Denim

Rayon Suiting Grey

Palermo Twill Snake Black

Bondi Denim White

Bondi Denim Black

Woven Textured Coating Ivory and Gold

Heavyweight Yarn Dyed Denim Navy

Yarn Dyed Denim Black

Heavyweight Woven Denim Metallic

4 oz. Denim Black

7.5 oz. Black Slub Denim

Allegro 9.5 oz Stretch Denim Black

Viscose Twill Grey Bottom Weight

Stretch Rayon Bottomweight Grey

Cotton Stretch Crepe Black

Twill Bottomweight Mocha

Denim Foil Black and Gold

Suiting Grey

Suiting Light Grey

Twill Suiting Charcoal

Twill Bottomweight Black

Twill Bottomweight Chocolate

Indigo Denim 6.5 oz Indigo Wash

Stretch Denim 6.5 oz Indigo