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Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon fabric makes a great overlay to any apparel project. Silk chiffon is used for making your own scarves and Harts has the best prints. Our digital silk prints will make a bold statement to any fashion fabric project. Poly chiffon and sheers are also perfect for costumes or even light weight curtains when your window need a little splash of color.

Poly Chiffon Ladybugs

Poly Chiffon Tomato Red

Poly Chiffon Rust

Plaid Chiffon Red

Polka Dot Poly Chiffon Red

Poly Chiffon Fuchsia

Poly Chiffon Fabric Fuchsia

Italian Digital Printed Silk Chiffon Georgette Fabric Pink

Irridescent Silk Chiffon Orange

Kaleidoscope Silk Chiffon Orange Aqua

Poly Chiffon Yellow

Defina Stretch Chiffon Fabric Lime

Poly Chiffon Sheer Diamond Fabric

Burnout Chevron Chiffon Fabric Lime

Chevron Chiffon Coral

Julianna Chiffon Jade

Vanessa High Quality Emerald Green Chiffon

Poly Chiffon Bows Mint

Geometric Chiffon Green

Poly Chiffon Triangles Blue

Poly Chiffon Stripe Mint

Chevron Chiffon Turquoise

Poly Chiffon Turquoise

Ella Moss Metal Dot Chiffon Blue

Printed Poly Chiffon Multi

Poly Chiffon Royal

Poly Chiffon Navy

Silk Chiffon Watercolor

Poly Chiffon Lavender

Defina Stretch Chiffon Fabric Plum

Vanessa High Quality Brown Chiffon

Designer Chiffon Multi

Poly Chiffon Floral Brown

Poly Crinkle Chiffon Ombre

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Taupe

Defina Stretch Chiffon Fabric Brown

Poly Chiffon White

Vanessa High Quality Eggshell Chiffon

Silhouette Chiffon Ivory

Vanessa High Quality White Chiffon

White Silk Chiffon Fabric

Icy Chiffon Gold

Poly Chiffon Ivory

Ivory Silk Chiffon Fabric

Metallic Gold Silk Chiffon Ivory

Printed Chiffon Pin Dot Ivory

Silk Chiffon Stripe Ivory

Hearts Polyester Chiffon White

Polka Dot Poly Chiffon White

Floral Chiffon Black and White

Defina Stretch Chiffon Fabric Black

Willow Chiffon Sheer Fabric Black

Polka Dot Poly Chiffon Black

Chevron Chiffon Black and White

Hearts Polyester Chiffon Black

Floating Hearts Chiffon Black

Silk Chiffon Chevron Black and White

Printed Chiffon Bunnies Black

Poly Chiffon Grey

Waves Pleated Chiffon Chartreuse

Waves Pleated Chiffon Cream

Waves Pleated Chiffon Pink

Waves Pleated Chiffon Red

Waves Pleated Chiffon Navy

Waves Pleated Chiffon Jade

Waves Pleated Chiffon Black

Waves Pleated Chiffon White

Waves Pleated Chiffon Coral

Hibiscus Printed Chiffon Teal <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Hibiscus Printed Chiffon Navy

Printed Chiffon Skulls White

Illusion Poly Chiffon Floral

Cheetah Chiffon Tan

Strawberry Dot Chiffon Black

Strawberry Dot Chiffon Yellow

Apples Chiffon Brown

Rose Dot Chiffon

Mini Dot Chiffon Ivory

Lurex Clip Dot Crinkle Chiffon Ivory

Polka Dot Poly Chiffon Black