Echino Fabrics

Popular Japanese fabric designer Etsuko Furuya created the Echino line for Japanese fabric manufacturer Kokka, perfectly blending Kokka's luxurious materials with Furuya's signature colorful, graphic style. Contemporary colors like bold yellows and rich blues are layered on top of one another in every one of Echino's designs, which also feature tessellation-style patterns, geometric shapes and abstract nature scenes that pull their inspiration from traditional Japanese artwork. Materials include ethereal double gauze, sturdy laminates and breathable cotton linens. The entire Echino line is wonderfully mismatched and perfect for quilting, sewing or more out of the ordinary DIY projects.

In addition to its graphic printed fabrics, Echino also offers solid colors in a number of dense shades. Harts Fabric's helpful customer service team is always on hand to offer advice on choosing the perfect fabric for your project, and we offer next-day shipping on any Echino order.

Decero Sateen Atori Gold

Decero Sateen Atori Teal

Decero Sateen Soring Green

Decero Sateen Stag Blue

Decero Sateen Stag Gold

Echino Animals Cotton Linen Black

Echino Animals Cotton Linen Olive Green

Echino Blue Birds Cotton Linen Blue

Echino Car Mustard

Echino Car Orange

Echino Cotton Linen Yellow

Echino Decoro Birds Japanese Import Black

Echino Decoro Rhino Cotton Linen Grey

Echino Helicopters Grey

Echino Japanese Import Decoro Lemur Cotton Linen black

Echino Japanese Import Decoro Lemur Cotton Linen Natural

Echino Japanese Import Decoro Lemur Cotton Linen Purple

Echino Mountains Cotton Linen Salmon Pink

Echino Ni-Co Cameras Orange

Echino Ni-Co Glasses Black

Echino Ni-Co Glasses Mustard

Echino Ni-Co Scooters Green

Echino Nico Airplanes! Mustard

Echino Nico Airplanes! Pink

Echino Nico Bus Black

Echino Nico Bus Blue

Echino Scooters Cotton Linen Aqua Japanese Import

Echino Solid Japanese Import Cotton Linen Celestial Blue

Echino Solid Japanese Import Cotton Linen Elephant Grey

Echino Solid Japanese Import Cotton Linen Grass Green

Echino Solid Japanese Import Cotton Linen Purple

Echino Solid Orange

Echino Solids Linen Cotton Magenta

Echino Solids Linen Cotton Mustard

Echino Solids Linen Cotton Purple

Echino Wide Triangles Cotton Linen Yellow

Echino Zebra Safari Chevron Fabric Yellow

Echino Zebra Stripe Cotton Linen Yellow

Laminated Cotton Echino Buses Yellow

Solid Brown linen Fabric From Echino