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Eco Felt

Harts “hearts” felt! Felt is so versatile as well as easy and economical. Felt doesn’t fray, and is an excellent medium for stitching, embroidery and glue. It’s the best of everything that fabric and paper have to offer. And now we’re thrilled to offer two types of wool felt along with our recycled polyester EcoFelt. We have a felt that is wool blended with rayon for a buttery smooth and soft durable crafting material. We also carry 100% wool felt in a natural color by the yard. This is a great, versatile material, and can be dyed any color to suit your needs. And of course we have the classic EcoFelt crafting fabric both by the yard and in squares. With this felt, the possibilities are endless, and with the quality felts that we carry, your projects will look great and last a long time.

Eco Felt Fabric By The Yard

Eco Felt Fabric Squares

Wool Crafting Felt Squares

100% Wool Felt Ivory