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Eyelet Fabric

Ooh la la! Lace fabric! It stirs the imagination. Make a shawl for everyday use or whip up a wealthy 19th century Monterey Senorita costume. Lace fabric adds just the desired touch. Laces make a stunning statement when they are over laid on top of an entire garment. Use black lace on top of a nude colored pencil dress to give a retro sexy look. Add lace to the top of a tee shirt to glam it up a bit. You really cant go wrong with adding lace to anything.

Eyelet fabrics have a very delicate effect and make a great fabric for your spring and summer time wardrobe. Eyelet fabric is super girly and is a great fabric to use when making baby and little girls dresses. Add a little or a lot and your garment will instantly say hey, Im adorable.

Ella Daisy Cotton Eyelet

Eyelet Squares White

Eyelet Leaves Natural

Eyelet Squares Navy