Ponte / Interlock Knits

Interlock knit! This knit fabric is made with a double knit and it often heavier than its cousin, the jersey knit. Because of this double knit quality, interlock is usually double-sided and often has four-way stretch. That is to say that it's stretchy in both the selvage-to-selvage direction and the cut-end direction.
This versatile fabric is better for more structured knit fabric projects such as exercise clothes, or form-fitting dresses. We especially love interlock for leggings since their thick, structured nature keep you warm and comfortable while holding shape and allowing for a full range of movement.
Whether you're looking for solids or stripes or more adventurous prints, keep your eyes "locked" on our interlock knit section. We're always looking for fun, new knits to bring to our customers, and to get those creative juices flowing.

320 Ponte Coral

Ponte Leggero Coral

Ponte Knit Fabric Coral

Ponte Leggero Red

Interlock Knit Fabric Red

Red 320 Ponte Knit Fabric

Ponte Knit Fabric Red

Ponte Knit Fabric Nude

Ponte de Roma Knit Olive

Ponte Leggero Citrus

Ponte Leggero Jade

320 Ponte Jade

Ponte Knit Fabric Teal

Printed Ponte Blue

320 Ponte Spruce

Ponte Leggero Navy

Interlock Knit Fabric Royal

Interlock Knit Fabric Navy

Navy Blue Ponte de Roma Interlock Knit

Saint-James Striped Interlock Knit White on Navy

Navy 320 Ponte Knit Fabric

Saint-James Striped Interlock Knit Navy on White

Interlock Knit Fabric Purple

Ponte Leggero Plum

Espresso 320 Ponte Knit Fabric

Printed Ponte Brown

Ponte Knit Fabric Ivory

Ponte Leggero Ivory

Ponte Leggero White

Interlock Knit Fabric Ivory

Saint-James Striped Interlock Knit Black on White

Saint-James Striped Interlock Knit White on Black

Ponte Stripe Black and White

Ponte Knit Fabric Black

Interlock Knit Fabric Black

Ponte Leggero Black

Black 320 Ponte Knit Fabric Black

Charcoal 320 Ponte Knit Fabric

Grey 320 Ponte Knit Fabric

Interlock Knit Fabric Charcoal

Bailey Knit Interlock Black

Saint-James Striped Interlock Knit White on Black

Shadow Dot Jacquard Knit Black

Interlock Knit White

Floral Ponte Navy and Red  <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Floral Ponte Black and Coral

Floral Ponte Pink and Cream

Floral Ponte Black and Navy

Floral Ponte Cream and Pink

Ponte Solid Tan

Ponte Solid Magenta

Ponte Solid Mustard

Ponte Solid Burnt Orange

Aztec Ponte Southwest

Aztec Ponte Black and White

Aztec Ponte Mint

Aztec Ponte Pink

Aztec Ponte Coral

Aztec Ponte Turquoise

Rayon Ponte Silver Heather

Printed Animal Spot Ponte Magenta

Printed Animal Spot Ponte Blue

Printed Animal Spot Ponte Black

Printed Ponte Black

Printed Ponte Green

Printed Ponte Blue

Printed Lace Tiles Ponte Black

Designer Printed Ponte Brown

Cotton Interlock Purple

Black and White Stripe Ponte

Printed Lace Ponte White

Ponte Metallic Leopard Print Silver

Ponte Metallic Leopard Print Gold

Ponte Geometric Print Black

Ponte Stripe Mint

Ponte Solid Pink

Italian Ponte Roma White

Italian Ponte Roma Khaki

Ponte Solid Turquoise

Ponte Print Leopard Natural

Interlock Knit Slate

Floral Stripe Interlock Knit

Ponte Knit Charcoal

Italian Ponte Knit Blue

Ponte Solid Green

Jacquard Double Knit Black and White

Ponte Knit Blaze

Aztec Ponte Black and White

Aztec Stripe Ponte Knit

Ponte Knit Black and White Aztec Spots

Printed Ponte Aztec Squares Black and White

Ponte Knit Sapphire Blue

Nicole Miller Scuba Knit Floral

Lightweight Scuba Black

Anna Maria Horner Sealing Wax Interlock Knit Primary

Anna Maria Horner Mary Thistle Interlock Knit Plum

Anna Maria Horner Mary Thistle Interlock Knit Saffron