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Jersey Knit Fabric

Looking for a comfortable, complimentary and forgiving fabric to sew into T-shirts, skirts and dresses? Jersey knit is just the thing. This lightweight material, made popular by Coco Chanel, is literally everywhere in our wardrobes. Considered easy to work with by some and intimidating by others, we at Harts say not to worry! Just call or email with your concerns and we'll be happy to help. We carry this versatile and very comfortable fabric in hundreds of patterns and designs perfect for whatever you may wish to sew. The price per yard varies depending on the pattern and make-up of the material, but all selections are of the highest quality. Sample swatches are available.

Free shipping, most often in just one business day, is available on orders of $99 or more, and satisfaction is guaranteed. In the unlikely event that you're not happy with the product, simply return it for a refund. We carry a complete selection of sewing essentials, quilting apparel, and cater to customers of all sewing skill levels!

Jacquard Knit Coral

Light Weight Jersey Pink

Rayon Jersey Coral

Rayon Slub Knit Watermelon

Alison Glass Knits Coral

Rayon Knit Stripe Pink and White

Rayon Slub Knit Magenta

Art Gallery Wonderland Diamond Flush Knit Dance

Stripe Knit Pink and Grey

Art Gallery Plumage Apricot in Knit

Slub Jersey Peach

Rayon Knit Jersey Coral

Rayon Jersey Dot Pink

Birch Bear Camp Organic Knit Bear Bois Coral

Large Chevron Jersey White & Coral

Micro Ruffle Knit Pink

Dakota Jersey Knit Dots Coral

Bamboo Terry Knit Candy Coral

Bamboo Knit Spandex Fabric Salmon

Riley Blake Small Chevron Jersey Knit Hot Pink

Slub Jersey Pink

Slub Jersey Purple

Rayon Jersey Violet

Light Weight Slub Jersey Magenta

Neon Stripe Knit Pink
Regular price: $10.99
Sale price: $6.59

Bamboo Knit Hot Pink

Rayon Jersey Pink

Bamboo Dot Knit Pink

Annabelle Jersey Knit Magenta

Rayon Slub Knit Pomegranate

Rayon Jersey True Red

Riley Blake Stripe Knit Red

Stripe Knit Red And Grey
Regular price: $10.99
Sale price: $6.59

Birds Knit Red and Black

Bamboo Jersey Knit Red

Laguna Chevron Jersey Red

Bamboo Mini Stripe Knit Red & White

Bamboo Jersey Knit Red

Dakota Jersey Knit Dots Red <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Stripe Sweater Knit Red

Red Modal Knit Fabric

Stretch Bamboo Spandex Knit Brick

Rayon Jersey Burnt Orange

Neon Stripe Jersey Orange
Regular price: $10.99
Sale price: $6.59

Light Weight Jersey Orange

Neon Stripe Knit Yellow
Regular price: $10.99
Sale price: $6.59

Art Gallery Utopia Knit Specks of Carambola

Art Gallery Plotted Farm Knit Moss

Rayon Jersey Solid Curry

Rayon Jersey Straw

Printed Jersey Yellow

Bamboo Knit Dandelion

Art Gallery Utopia Knit Chatter Pods Menta

Rayon Jersey Avocado

Alison Glass Knits Lime

Rayon Slub Knit Moss

Neon Stripe Jersey Knit Green
Regular price: $10.99
Sale price: $6.59

Rayon Knit Stripe Aqua and White

Art Gallery Hello, Bear Firefly Knit Sigh

Slub Jersey Mint

Rayon Slub Knit Seafoam

Bamboo Spandex Jersey Knit Fabric Forest Green

Art Gallery Spherical Buds Jersey Knit Aqua

Vintage Market Floral Knit Mint

Neon Stripe Knit Green
Regular price: $10.99
Sale price: $6.59

Laguna Jersey Grass

Stretch Bamboo Knit Turquoise

Slub Knit Jersey Kelly Green

Bamboo Dot Knit Green

Ella Moss Stripe Knit Green

Bamboo Spandex Jersey Knit Fabric Dark Teal

Alison Glass Knits Indigo

Micro Ruffle Knit Teal

Art Gallery Morning Walk Limestone Feel Knit Indigo

Fantasia Agaricus Forest Knit in Water

Jersey Knit Turquoise

Art Gallery Maze Knit Blues

Rayon Slub Knit Teal

Rayon Slub Knit Turquoise

Pique Knit Turquoise

Rayon Knit Jersey Blue

Birch Homestead Organic Knit Daisy Bed Storm

Laguna Cotton Jersey Royal Blue

Bamboo Spandex Jersey Knit Fabric Forest Green

Bamboo Stripe Knit Teal Grey

Bamboo Knit Neptune

Bamboo Spandex Jersey Knit Fabric Dark Teal

Art Gallery Artisan Pyrography Knit North

Art Gallery Hello, Bear Adventure Knit Springs

Alison Glass Knits Cyprus

Bamboo Knit Sky Blue

Bamboo Knit Jersey Fabric Periwinkle Blue

Rayon Knit Stripe Blue and White

Basic Stripe Bamboo Knit Fabric Spa Blue and White

Rayon Dotted Jersey Teal

Rayon Knit Royal

Bamboo Knit Fabric Royal Blue

Basic Stripe Bamboo Knit Fabric Navy and White

Art Gallery Arizona Tomahawk Stripe Knit Navy

Polka Dot Jersey Knit Navy and White

Birch Bear Camp Organic Knit Bear Flight Dusk

Stretch Bamboo Knit Midnight Blue

Art Gallery Petal and Plume Jersey Knit Panache Profundo

Rayon Slub Knit Fog

Turquoise Modal Knit Fabric

Alison Glass Knits Navy

Idle Wild Lace Knit Navy

Dakota Jersey Knit Dots Navy

Bamboo Knit Violet

Rayon Slub Knit Plum

Alison Glass Knits Magenta

Rayon Slub Knit Grape

Bamboo Knit Spandex Fabric Fuchsia

Bamboo Knit Aubergine

Rayon Jersey Knit Heather Navy

Bamboo Spandex Jersey Knit Plum

Rayon Slub Knit Purple

Rayon Jersey Knit Heather Plum

Modal Jersey Knit Plum

Bamboo Spandex Jersey Knit Plum

Light Rayon Jersey Plum

Bamboo Stripe Knit Plum Grey

Modal Spandex Fashion Knit Fabric Taupe

Bamboo Jersey Knit Taupe

Annabelle Jersey Knit Brown

Bamboo Knit Brown

Modal Spandex Fashion Knit Fabric Grey

Milk Modal Jersey Knit Grey

Rayon Jersey Grey

Bamboo Jersey Knit Grey

Burnout Stripe Jersey Knit Grey & White

Ella Moss Stripe Knit Grey

Heavy Chevron Knit Onyx

Gun Metal Bamboo Knit Fabric

Stripe Knit Jersey Grey and Navy

Bamboo Knit Slate

Rayon Jersey Knit Grey

Bamboo Knit Heather Grey

Alison Glass Knits Cement

Rayon Knit Stripe Black and Grey

Bamboo Stripe Knit White Grey

Cadiz Animal Print Knit Black

Art Gallery Gramercy Knit Commute By Limo

Four Corners Circles Knit Black

Alison Glass Knits Charcoal

Rayon Knit Black

Tencel Jersey Knit Black

Optical Knit Jersey

Rayon Slub Knit Black

Bamboo Jersey Knit Black

Knit Fabric Black Organic Cotton

Laguna Cotton Jersey Onyx

Cutout Stripe Jersey Knit Black

Stretch Modal Jersey Knit Fabric Black

Rayon Knit Stripe Black and White

Tiny Stripe Bamboo Knit Fabric Black

Basic Stripe Bamboo Knit Fabric Black and White

Bamboo Jersey Knit Black

Small Chevron Jersey Black & White

Bamboo Mini Stripe Knit Black & White

Ella Moss Wide Stripe Knit Cream

Stretch Knit  Modal Fabric Cream

Bamboo Stretch Knit Cream

Art Gallery Cleta Knit Handlebar Tricks Gris

Cutout Stripe Jersey Knit Ivory

Bamboo Spandex Jersey Knit Fabric White

Tencel Jersey White

Cutout Stripe Rayon Knit White

Annabelle Jersey Knit cream

Knit Fabric Ivory Organic Cotton

Knit Fabric White Organic Cotton Jersey

Milk Modal Jersey Knit Cream

Stripe Knit Taupe and White

Birch Organic Staches Jersey Knit Multi

Striped Rayon Jersey White on White

Knit Indelible Flutter Folds

Light Weight Jersey White

ITY Ikat Jersey Black

Art Gallery Flyaway Petalums Sky in Knit

Rayon Jersey Dark Olive

Rayon Jersey Mocha

Laguna Jersey Anchors Black and White

Laguna Jersey Dots Black and White

Dakota Jersey Knit Dots Black

Dakota Jersey Knit Dots Taupe

Dakota Jersey Knit Dots Grey

Dakota Jersey Knit Dots Sand

Bamboo Terry Knit Ivory

Graphite Knit Stripe Black and Grey

Rayon Knit Jersey White

Large Polka Dot Jersey Knit Navy and White

Pique Knit White

Solid ITY Knit Black

Pique Knit Ivory

Slub Jersey Parchment

Slub Jersey Ivory

Rayon Jersey Solid Grey

Jersey Knit Black and White Stripe

Lightweight Knit Stripe Grey

Lightweight Solid Jersey Grey

Lightweight Slub Jersey White

Featherweight Knit Jersey Ivory

Stripe Knit Jersey Grey

Stripe Jersey Crochet Cutout Beige

Lightweight Aztec Jersey

Stripe Rayon Jersey Black

Birch Beyond the Sea Organic Knit Bubble Rings Girl

Birch Bear Camp Organic Knit Bear Hike Shroom

Birch Bear Camp Organic Knit Bear Bois Blue

Art Gallery Wanderer Gust of Leaves Knit Silver

Art Gallery Wanderer Temple of Allanque Knit

Art Gallery Etno Stitched Anthomania Knit Deep

Art Gallery Etno Looming Love Knit Pastel

Art Gallery Etno Cubist Perception Knit

Art Gallery Hello, Bear Buck Forest Knit Mist

Art Gallery Hello, Bear Follow Me Knit Moonlight

Valori Wells Wish Knit Inspire

Birch Circa Space Organic Knit Cream

Art Gallery Make Patches Knit Shabby

Art Gallery Morning Walk Wispy Daybreak Knit

Art Gallery Morning Walk Windswept Iota Knit Sun

Fantasia Miniature Hills Knit in Metal

Ottoman Stripe Knit Ivory

Polka Dot Knit Black and Grey

Metallic Knit Silver White

Plaid Knit Black and White

Lycra Camo Blue and Tan

Art Gallery Pruning Roses Knit Citrus

Art Gallery Row by Row Knit Deep

Rayon Slub Knit Grey

Rayon Slub Knit Beige

Rayon Knit Stripe Navy and White

Stripe Mesh Knit Heather Grey

Rayon Knit Stripe Grey and Black

Rayon Knit Stripe Black and Moss

Rayon Knit Stripe Black and Yellow

Small Stripe Knit Teal and White

Small Stripe Knit Brown and Black

Aztec Knit Coral and Black

Aztec Knit Multi

Aztec Knit Black and White

Cheetah Knit White and Pink

Stripe Knit Navy and Cream

Rayon Knit Slim Stripe Grey

Tie-Dye Knit Aqua and White

Stripe Knit Heather Grey

Stripe Burnout Knit White

Ottoman Stripe Knit Grey

Skopelos Paparounes Knit Crimson <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Vintage Market Floral Knit Navy

Riley Blake Aztec Knit Black

Riley Blake Aztec Knit Navy

Banner Anchors Knit Navy

Riley Blake Stripe Knit Black and Grey

Riley Blake Stripe Knit Grey and Teal

Riley Blake Stripe Knit Aqua and Navy

Riley Blake Lobsters Knit Blue

Riley Blake Lobsters Knit White

Cotton Jersey Off White

Cotton Jersey Rose

Rayon Stretch Knit Black

Art Gallery Morse Dot Knit Blu

Art Gallery Morse Dot Knit Sun

Art Gallery Buttonballs Knit Gold

Art Gallery Candied Lollies Knit Mint

Art Gallery Sweet Nothings Knit Fond

Rayon Knit Polka Dots White

Birch Homestead Organic Knit Oink

Birch Homestead Organic Knit Blackberries

Birch Homestead Organic Knit Roost

Art Gallery Succulence Arboretum Knit Dawn

Art Gallery Succulence Spiny Oasis Knit Divine

Art Gallery Succulence Abiding Knit Dew

Birch Beyond the Sea Organic Knit Dive Stripe

Art Gallery Bound Painting Knit Morale

Art Gallery Bound Marker Knit Slate

Art Gallery Bound Growth Knit Pond

Art Gallery Bound Survey Knit Ochre

Art Gallery Sketchbook Ink Outburst Knit Atelier

Art Gallery Sketchbook Doodlie Knit Meander

Art Gallery Sketchbook Air Brush Knit Flight

Remix Hearts Knit Bright

Remix Hearts Knit Red

Art Gallery Artisan Intertwill Knit Patience

Art Gallery Artisan Collar Ends Knit Bronze

Art Gallery Artisan Aged Allure Knit Washed

Four Corners Triangles Knit Teal

Four Corners Triangles Knit Black

Four Corners Triangles Knit Grey

Four Corners Circles Knit Aqua

Four Corners Main Knit Black

Four Corners Main Knit Aqua

Four Corners Main Knit Grey

Art Gallery Wonderland Owly Boo Knit

Art Gallery Wonderland Your Heart Knit Pure

Art Gallery Wonderland Enchanted Leaves Knit Air  <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Art Gallery Playing Pop Dots Burst Knit Melon

Art Gallery Playing Pop Clueless Hearts Knit Innocence

Art Gallery Playing Pop Sprinkles Glitch Knit Iris

Lizzy House Hit Parade Cats Knit Cream

Alison Glass Knits Celadon

Alison Glass Knits Taupe

Alison Glass Knits Peony

Idle Wild Lace Knit Grey

Idle Wild Triangle Knit Blue

Idle Wild Bird Knit White

Idle Wild Main Floral Knit Grey

Idle Wild Bird Knit Multi

Woodland Geometric Knit Coral

Woodland Geometric Knit Navy

Art Gallery Round Elements Knit Apricot Yogurt

Art Gallery Round Elements Knit Seafoam Swirls

Art Gallery Round Elements Knit Pepper Smoke

Art Gallery Round Elements Knit Serene Tide

Millie Fleur Line Drawing Knit Bluing

Millie Fleur Microburst Knit Tropics <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Dare Knit Brave Bloomed Knit Firm

Art Gallery Dare Pop Art Knit Spring blossom

Cloud9 Scattered Floral Organic Knit Brown

Cloud9 Scattered Floral Organic Knit White

Cloud9 Spots Organic Knit Citron

Cloud9 Spots Organic Knit Navy

Cloud9 Hatchmarks Organic Knit Turquoise

Cloud9 Hatchmarks Organic Knit Grey

Cloud9 Stripes Organic Knit Citron

Cloud9 Stripes Organic Knit Pink

Cloud9 Stripes Organic Knit Navy

Cloud9 Stripes Organic Knit Brown

Cloud9 Life Aquatic Organic Knit Navy

Cloud9 Life Aquatic Organic Knit Grey

Cloud9 Diamonds Organic Knit Citron

Cloud9 Diamonds Organic Knit Navy

Art Gallery Hello Bear Buck Forest Knit Silver

Art Gallery Hello Bear Buck Forest Knit Twilight

Art Gallery Paperie Knit Happily Ever After

Art Gallery Paperie Knit Library Gardens

Art Gallery Fleet & Flourish Swifting Flora Knit Fond

Art Gallery Fleet & Flourish Miniments Knit Raw

Art Gallery Fleet & Flourish Gentle Mantle Knit Land

Metallic Stripes Knit Black and Gold

Metallic Stripes Knit Gold and White

Metallic Stripes Knit Silver and White

Dakota Crosshatch Knit Black and White

Dakota Feathers Knit Black and White

Dakota Rose Knit Black and White

Dakota Patchwork Knit Black and White

Aurora Borealis Metallic Knit Silver

Aurora Borealis Metallic Knit Gold

Parallels Stripe Jersey Knit Black and White

Ibiko Floral Print Rayon Jersey Knit Ecru and Black

Silver Rain Metallic Knit

Art Gallery Coastline Trade Winds Knit Port

Art Gallery Coastline Sand Bar Knit Lagoon

Art Gallery Coastline High Flown Knit Lunar