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Naugahyde and Vinyl

Here at Harts we have a large selection of naugahide and colored vinyl fabrics. Naugahide is a vegan alternative to leather, and looks and sews up just the same, yet is stain resistant and easy to care for. It’s great for old fashioned, or perhaps more masculine home decorating projects. It’s great for chairs, cushions and pillows, but is also awesome for bags, cases, wallets, and leather-alternative fashion projects. We also have quite a selection of vinyl naugahide fabrics that do not look explicitly like leather. We have some fun sparkle vinyl fabrics and well as shimmer and transparent vinyl materials. These are great for retro home decorating as well as fun costume and fashion projects. These vinyl materials are extremely durable, water proof, easy to clean with a damp cloth, and not difficult to sew with. Get your creativity on with vinyl!

Looking for Oilcloth?

Vinyl Naugahyde Willow

San Francisco Naugahyde Smoke

Scout Suede Snake Print Brown

Ostrich Vinyl Silver

Groove Alligator Chocolate

Gates Vinyl Linen

Champagne Faux Leather

Patina Faux Leather Silver

Designer Black Pleather

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Silver

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Charcoal

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Aqua

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Coral

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Teal

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Caramel

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Gold

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Chocolate

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Ivory

Laser Cut Pleather Ivory

Pecos Upholstery Vinyl Cinnamon

San Francisco Naugahyde Red

San Francisco Naugahyde Caramel

San Francisco Naugahyde Rice

Upholstery Vinyl Fabric Dark Brown

Upholstery Vinyl Fabric Anthracite Black

Upholstery Vinyl Fabric Gun Metal

Upholstery Vinyl Fabric Mahogany

Basket Faux Suede Tweed