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Fishnet & Mesh Fabric

Fishnet & Mesh Fabric are great for all types of costume, fashion, and accessory projects. Not only is this kind of fabric hard to find, but where else have you seen such fun colors? You can use mesh knit fabrics for sheer tops, sheer cut-away and key hole details. In strips, mesh fabric makes a great trim or edging. You can use mesh fabric to add modesty in areas that might be bare, or to add sassy see-through color to areas that might be opaque. Mesh drapes well, is stretchy, cuts well, sews up well, and is just SO MUCH FUN! We know that you’ll love incorporating this fabric into your project in fun, unconventional ways as much as we do!
Here, you'll also find sparkly metallic mesh fabrics, all sold by the yard. Perfect for crafts, costumes and holiday projects!

Hot Pink Costume Tricot Mesh

Nylon Mesh Fabric Metalic Red

Red Costume Tricot Mesh

Nylon Mesh Fabric Metallic Red

Turquoise Costume Tricot Mesh

Lavender Costume Tricot Mesh

Stretch Nylon Spandex Netting Fabric Grey

Jeweled Mesh Fabric Black and Silver

Stretch Nylon Spandex Netting Fabric Black

Nylon Mesh Fabric Metallic Silver

Noseeum Net Nylon Fabric

Stretch Fishnet Costume Fabric White 58"

Trinity Mesh White

White Nylon Spandex Mesh Fabric

Cowboy Fringe Fabric White

Nude Shaper Mesh Knit

Nylon Mesh Red

Nylon Mesh Pink

Mesh Turquoise

Mesh Ivory

Nylon Mesh Silver

Fishnet Ivory

Cotton Fishnet Natural

Ruffle Mesh Black

Nylon Bobbinet Ivory

Shaper Mesh Knit Black

Mesh Coral

Mesh Aqua

Mesh Jade

Mesh Royal

Mesh Magenta