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Flannel Fabrics

Harts is known for high quality fabrics. Flannel is the one fabric substrate where this is abundantly clear. The chain stores sell flannel that is often thin, brushed inconsistently and poorly printed. You wash it once and all of your creative sewing work is pilled up and looks horrible. Well, rest easy with our flannels. They are thicker and of the highest quality. The print quality is top notch. You will love our designs too! We carry Robert Kaufman solids that are known across the industry for great colors and consistent fabric quality. We also have a great selection of organic flannels from Cloud 9 Fabrics. Our flannel fabric by the yard makes the absolute best baby blankets or the coziest pajamas. So cuddle up to our high quality Flannels and see the difference for yourself!

Please Note: Flannel fabric shrinks more than regular cotton fabric. Take that into consideration when deciding how much yardage to order.

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