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Home Dec Trim

The right trim can really add that little bit of pizzazz to a home décor or upholstery project. A trim can turn a nice pillow, into an amazing pillow! Trim can turn that plain chair into a gorgeous chair! Trim can even turn simple curtains into decadent window treatments!

Here we've collected all of our exciting home décor trims for you to browse. You can look at them by type of trim, as well as color!

Brush fringe trim is a favorite trim for pillows as it gives a soft, comfortable volume. Lip cord is another popular choice for easy piping. Topstitch some gimp trim on to create textured contour lines for a classic look. Tassels, beads and pom pom trim are excellent choices for those who wish to add a fun quirkiness to their decorating. Have fun with Home Dec trim by the yard!

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All Home Decor Trim

Brush Fringe Trim

Tassels Beaded and Ball Fringe

Lip Cord and Piping


Grommet Tape