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Japanese Import Fabrics

Japanese fabrics are making a big impact in the sewing world right now, and itís easy to see why. Fabric imported from Japan usually has richer, more unique colors and the base cloth is top quality. Not to mention that the designs that youíll find on these unique fabrics have a unique style and often feature trend setting motifs that are just about to be extremely hot.

Our selection of Japanese imports features fabrics from a variety of designers and manufacturers such as Kokka, Lecien, Estuko Furuya, Trefle, Cosmo and Nani Iro to name a few. As soon as these fabrics arrive at our store they become instant favorites, both with employees and customers. Here youíll find everything from outrageously colorful prints to subtle, natural semi solids; truly something for everyone. In addition, these imported designs come on a wide variety of fabrics such as quilting cottons, canvas, linen blends and even double gauze.

Asian Cotton Fabric

Modern Japanese Imported Fabric