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Children's Fabric

Welcome to the cutest children's fabrics on the web! These fabrics have a lighthearted nature and make you want to run through the sprinklers with all your clothes on! They feature everything from children playing outside in the springtime to childhood favorites such as unicorns or dinosaurs! We have trains, planes, spaceships and everything else you need to let your little girl or boy (or the kid in you!) be creative and have fun with their crafting project! These cotton children's fabrics are great for apparel too. They make the perfect jumper, little girls dress or overalls for your little man. As always, Harts brings you only high quality fabrics from the best independent online fabric store on the web. Ships in one business day too!

Sarah Jane Let's Pretend Marionettes Cotton Berry

Heather Ross Tiger Lily Ballerinas Cotton Pink

Alfie and Betty Toys Cotton Pink

Fantasia Equus Crest in Sachet

Princess & Castles Pink

Tossed Glitter Unicorns Cotton Pink

Timeless Treasures Glitter Ballerinas Cotton Pink

Sunkissed Mermaid Cotton Pink

Glitter Ballerina Fairies Cotton Pink

Children's Hopscotch Cotton Pink

Girl Friends Ballerinas Cotton Slipper

Glitter Ballerina Slippers Cotton Pink

Girlfriends Princesses Cotton White

Sarah Jane Let's Pretend Play Masks Cotton Navy

Timeless Treasures Mini Unicorns Pink

Glittery Unicorns Cotton

Lizzy House Natural History Dinos Cotton Rust

Planet Buzz Autobots Cotton Red

Babar's Trip Cotton Red

Whatever the Weather Squares Cotton Cloud

Babar's Trip Cotton Yellow

Story Book Lane Scallops Cotton Fabric Yellow
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Unicorns in the Sky Cotton Pastel

Sandcastles Sand

Tossed Frog Princes

Monster Mash Faces Cotton Green

Camp-A-Lot Fireflies Green Fabric

Bright Unicorns and Rainbows Cotton

Baby Dinosaurs Cotton Green

Aneela Hoey Little Apples Children's Clothing Cotton Olive

Vroom Speedway Cotton Green

Babar Skydiving Cotton Turquoise

Alexander Henry If I Were A Mermaid Cotton Natural Pool <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Riley Blake Snips and Snails Alphabet Cotton White

Riley Blake Snips and Snails Main Cotton White

Princesses and Unicorns Glitter Cotton Blue

Unicorns in the Sky Cotton Aqua

Whatever the Weather Dolls Cotton Cloud

Monster Mash Faces Cotton Blue

Cry Babies Cotton Blue

Enchanted Unicorns Cotton in Aqua

Alfie and Betty Toys Cotton Blue

Sarah Jane Let's Pretend Cloud Pictures Cotton Sky

Little Monsters Monsters!!! Cotton Blue

Glitter Mermaids Cotton Aqua

Yo Yos Cotton Fabric Blue

Girl Friends Mermaids Cotton Surf

Carousel Horses Glitter Cotton Aqua

Enchanted Castles Princess Blue

Robert Kaufman Robots Cotton Primaries

Riley Blake Rocket Main Flannel Cotton Blue

Construction Workers Royal

Retro Fabric Rocket Rascals

Knight Meets Dragon Cotton Navy

Baby Dragon Cotton Navy

Tossed Glitter Princesses Cotton Purple

Timeless Treasure Enchanted Unicorns Lilac <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Baby Dragon Cotton Grey

Tiny Dancer Ballerina Slippers Cotton Black

Tiny Dancer Ballerinas Cotton Black

Unicorns in the Sky Cotton Black <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Glitter Unicorns and Rainbows Cotton Black <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

Dinosaur Stripe Cotton in Black

Little Monsters Robots Cotton Black

Tossed Dinosaurs Cotton Black

Dinosaur Scenic Cotton Multi

Babar Traveling Elephants Cotton Grey

Babar Skydiving Cotton Grey

Paper Doll Cuties Cotton White

Unicorns and Rainbows Cotton Cream

Babar Traveling Elephants Cotton Cream

Heather Ross Tiger Lily Ballerinas Cotton Cream

Rainbows & Unicorns Cotton White

Girlfriends Fairies Cotton White

Girlfriends Careers Cotton Bright

Monster Mash Party Cotton

Retro Mars Spaceships Cotton White

Babar's Trip Cotton Cream

Alphabet Cream