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Childrens Fabric

It's time for Kid Prints! This is Cotton Print Fabric for Children and Young-at-Heart Adults. There's something of a child in people who love fabric. Maybe it's the wide smile when you first see a print that you just have to have. No project or plan required. The fabric just makes you smile--the color--some graphic element--the first hint of an idea. Reach out and nurture your need to be delighted! These fabrics have a light hearted nature and make you want to run through the sprinklers with all your clothes on. They feature everything from children playing outside in the spring time to fabric printed with little one’s clothing all over it. There are fabrics with robots that will let your imagination run wild and pirate fabrics that will take you on a treasure hunt to the Caribbean. Trains, planes, spaceships and everything else you need to let your child or the kid in you be creative and have fun with their crafting project.

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