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Knits / Jersey

Knit Fabric is not always easy to find. But, it's perfect for so many projects. Historically knit fabric has been used for stockings and other clothing that requires flexibility in its shape. Knits provide the elasticity that makes this fabric so important in the fashion world. Knits can stretch, okay, well how much? Depending on the fabrics particular knitting pattern some can stretch up to five hundred times their size. Wow, knits are incredible and we love them here at Harts! We carry so many different knits its hard to count and they are all here to browse. Unusual, special, and fashion knit fabrics that make you squeal and clap your hands! Ruffle knits, Sweatshirt knits, and Terry knit fabrics. Interlock knits for t-shirts, apparel, workout clothes, pants, leggings or quilts. Eco-friendly knit fabrics made of organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. Stretch knits, with spandex or Lycra. Soft comfortable jersey knits. AND... Designer knits!

Jersey Knit Fabric

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Sweater Knits

Modal Knits

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