Eco Trims

Finally, the world of eco-friendly fibers has arrived in the world of ribbon and trim. We have organic cotton ribbon and trims that are soft to the touch and perfect for all kinds of sewing and craft projects. We've also found 100% hemp webbing! Itís a great renewable fiber choice if youíre looking to maximize strength and durability. These trims are not only adorable and functional, but theyíre pesticide free and sustainable. They represent the movement to a healthier planet through the utilization of renewable resources and a lessening dependence on harmful chemicals. Now thatís something that we here at harts can get behind. Like all of the environmentally friendly sewing materials that we carry here at Harts, the selection that we are able to bring to you is growing all the time, so check back often for more variety of color and style.It's right for you and right for Mother Earth.