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Organic Home Fabrics

Here at Harts Fabric we’re excited to offer you more and more eco-friendly fabrics! Here you'll find our selection of contemporary multi-use and earth-friendly home decorating and upholstery fabrics. These days, people want to surround themselves and their families with environmentally friendly and less chemical materials. With our “green” and organic home décor and upholstery fabrics, we make it easier!

Organic cotton plays a strong role in our eco home dec fabric selection, but you'll also find other fibers. We love innovation! The eco fabric industry is one that’s developing fast! We’re receiving more and more fun and exciting eco home dec fabrics all the time!

Yes! There is an earth-friendly alternative when you want to recover a chair, spiff up a gently used couch or create wonderful fashion accessories! Make your Mother Earth proud, and choose organic!

Organic Cotton Upholstery Stripe Brown and Black

Organic Upholstery Fabric Brown Basket Weave Cotton and Bamboo

Organic Fabric Cotton Canvas Forest Green

Montego Hemp Artichoke

Hemp Stripe Canvas Red

London Paisley Duck Organic Cotton Tomato Red

London Paisley Duck Organic Cotton Grape

Spiral Branch Organic Cotton Duck Silver

First Light Nimbus Organic Canvas Turquoise