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Organic Fabrics

When it comes to chemicals in your clothes and fabrics, just say no! Our organic knits and cottons at Harts Fabrics make sure your can swaddle yourself in pure, chemical-free fabrics that won't affect your health. With so many of today's fabrics subjected to dozens of chemical treatments, we see these organic options as a fresh change of pace. Whether you're making a blanket that will touch a baby's delicate skin or a piece of clothing for a loved one, these organic cottons, prints and quilting materials allow you to feel confident that you're giving them something that's safe, pure and healthy.

At other stores and online retailers, it can be tough to find modern, attractive prints for organic alternatives. Harts Fabric, however, has a great selection of fresh styles, colors and patterns to please sewers and quilters of all ages. Choose from adorable and sweet prints for babies and children or check out our gorgeous, rich colors that are great for teens and adults. Our wonderful collection of organic fabric and upholstery options will allow you to create memorable pieces for your family and your home. Just like our other fabrics, these organic options have soft, cozy textures while also providing the durability you need for long-lasting use. Shop online today or visit our Santa Cruz location to see our impressive selection of fun and fresh organic fabrics for yourself.

Choose organic fabrics for your next sewing or quilting project. With our great selection of fresh, modern prints that can ship in one business day, we guarantee that you'll love your purchase. Get in touch with our helpful customer service team today to learn more about why organic fabrics are a smart choice for your family.

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