Outerwear Fabric is pleased to offer a selection of fabric for outdoor apparel. Outerwear fabric that is waterproof, like Gore Tex, is hard to find. Some is warm and cozy, like sweater knits. Other outerwear fabric is good and warm, like wool blends. We like to keep an eye on what’s trendy for our colder seasons and bring you guys the latest in outerwear fabric. We love wools and always have a great selection of classic and bold color wool fabric. With these fabric selections, you can create your outside apparel. Every on gets cold every now and then but that doesn’t mean you need to stifle you creativity and uniqueness, now you can make your perfect cold weather jacket or coat to reflect your personality. Outerwear is important, too! Fun!

Looking for: lining fabric or trim?

Baltic Coating Rust

Finland Quilt Matelasse Fabric Cream

Jackie Plaid Coating Fabric Red

Nolita Grey Leopard Coating

Water Repellant Rainwear Red

Norway Quilt Knit Grey

Deneuve Felted Black White

Mohair Sweater Fleece Camel

Wool Coating Houndstooth Teal

Heathered Designer Wool Coating Grey

Heathered Designer Wool Coating Black

Heathered Wool Coating Dark Grey

Cotton Basketweave Coating Mint