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Satin carries both high-quality and regular-quality polyester and silk satin fabrics. Tahari Satin, our highest quality polyester satin, has a remarkable silk-like hand. This is the fabric you would choose to make your luxurious satin dresses, pajamas, night gowns, and robes out of. With a little added stretch it gives you it makes fitting something a little less tedious. These fabrics tend to be a little lighter on the wallet than silk and are still a really nice satin fabric. Use these fabrics for costuming, lingerie, or even to line other projects! We also have printed and more affordable satins for all of your costuming needs!
So when you're making costumes for a school play, vampire capes for a Halloween party, or lining a jacket, our selection of satin fabrics is sure to contain something suitable for any project!

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Rosy Pink Tahari Satin

Fuchsia Tahari Satin Fabric

Muse Satin Vibrant Red

Red Tahari Satin Fabric

Rich Red Tahari Satin Fabric

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Copper

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Crimson

Rust Tahari Satin Fabric

Coral Tahari Satin Fabric

Silk Cotton Sateen Gold

Yellow Gold Tahari Satin Fabric

Yellow Tahari Satin Fabric

Chartreuse Tahari Satin Fabric

Tahari Satin Lime Green

Green Tahari Satin Fabric

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Teal

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Slate

Satin Shimmer Aqua

Poly Satin Aqua

Frozen Blue Satin

Turquoise Tahari Satin Fabric

Midnight Tahari Satin Fabric

Purple Tahari Satin Fabric

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Champagne

Muse Satin Beige

Satin Shimmer Sand Dollar

Tahari Satin Fabric in Sand

Copper Tahari Satin Fabric

Satin Shimmer Brown

Chocolate Brown Tahari Satin Fabric

Grey Tahari Satin Fabric

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Silver

Satin Shimmer Silver

Satin Shimmer Steel

Silver Tahari Satin Fabric

Ivory Tahari Satin Fabric

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Ivory

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric White

Fashion Fabric Polyester Taffeta Black

Tahari Satin Fabric Black

Satin Shimmer Black

Duchess Satin Stretch Black

Silk Cotton Sateen Fabric Black

Digital Printed Satin Grey

Geo Print Poly Satin Pink

Leopard Print Satin Brown

Leopard Print Satin Grey

Poly Peachskin Satin Horses Grey

Poly Peachskin Satin Horses Green

Tahari Satin Fabric Teal

Miyuki Satin Fabric Black

Miyuki Satin Fabric in Oyster

Miyuki Satin Fabric in Silver