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Specialty Trims

Here, you'll find trim that's perfect for fashion creations, costume embellishments, lingerie and other special projects. We know you'll have fun browsing this section, as well as working these specialty trims into your sewing projects. Enjoy!

Rhinestone Trim Gold

3/4" Grommet Tape Natural

3/4" Grommet Tape White

3/4" Grommet Tape Black

1/8" Patent Leather Trim White

1/8" Faux Leather Trim Grey

1/8" Faux Leather Trim Tan

1/8" Faux Leather Trim Brown

3/8" Patent Leather Trim White

Renaissance Zig Zag White and Gold

Renaissance Zig Zag Red and Gold

Renaissance Trim Wine and Gold

Renaissance Trim Red and Gold

Vinyl Grommet Tape Grey

Rosette Pearl Trim White

Rosette Pearl Trim Grey

Fur Trim With Stitching Yellow

Fur Trim With Stitching Green

Fur Trim With Stitching Black

Fur Trim With Twist Stitch Orange

Fur Trim With Twist Stitch Black

Fur Trim With Twist Stitch Brown

Faux Leather Silver Studded Trim 3/8"

Navy Iron On Heart Trim

Red Iron On Heart Trim

Coin Chain Silver

Coin Chain Gold

Silver Chain 1/8"

Gold Chain 1/8"

Silver Chain 3/16"

Gold Chain 3/16"

Silver Chain 3/8"

Gold Chain 3/8"

Silver Chain 5/8"

Gold Chain 5/8"

Beige Snake Skin Tape Trim 3/4'

Dark Grey Snake Skin Tape Trim 3/4"

Tiny Pearl Strand Silver

White Pearl-Edged Velvet Trim

Red Hearts Garter Elastic

Black Faux-Leather Ruffle Trim

White Rosette Rows on Netting

White on Black Dots rosette Trim

Faux-Leather and Metallic Trim Black and Gold

Fiberous Woven Ribbon Orange .38"

Chain Edged Grosgrain Diamond Gold

Scaly Ric Rac Black .25"

Scaly Ric Rac White .25"

Metallic Faux-Leather Ribbon Silver .5"

Metallic Faux-Leather Ribbon gold .5"

Metallic Faux-Leather Ribon Bronze .5"

Scaly Faux-Leather Ribbon White .5"

Scaly Faux-Leather Ribbon Black .5"

Faux-Leather Ruffle Trim Black

Faux-Leather Ruffle Trim light Brown

Fur and Leather Trim

Chain Link Trim Silver

Pink Iron On Heart Trim

Wired Ribbon White Rosettes

Wired Ribbon Pink Rosettes

Wired Ribbon Teal Rosettes

Wired Ribbon Apple Green Rosettes

Reflective Strip Grosgrain Ribbon Black 7/8"

Leather Spike Trim Gold

Velvet Spike Trim Gold

Velvet Spike Trim Silver

Feather Boa Trim on Satin Ribbon White

Velvet Backed Pyramid Studs Gold

Gingham Hearts Trim Red

Rhinestone Trim Red

Rayon Seam Binding

Beaded Fringe Chocolate

Round Chain Gold & Blue

Round Chain Gold & White

Round Chain Gold & Red

Round Chain Gold & Grey

Round Chain Gold & Pink

Round Chain Gold & Black

Square Chain Gold & Grey

Square Chain Gold & Black

Square Chain Gold & Red

Square Chain Gold & Pink

Square Chain Gold & Blue

1/8" Chain Cord Green

1/8" Chain Cord Brown

1/8" Chain Cord Gold

5/8" Flat Lock Chain Silver