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Sweater Knits

Sweaters are among the most versatile of garments in one’s closet. Although generally associated exclusively with cold winter climates, sweaters are also perfect for summer evenings and breezy spring days. Additionally, sweaters and cardigans are hardly more difficult to make than the common tee shirt. You can make one to go with any outfit from our wide variety of sweater knit fabrics! Sweater knit fabrics also make excellent scarves, shawls, skirts and leg warmers. The sky’s the limit!
Sweater knits are often made with looser weaves and thicker, more textured yarns. They can also have a fuzzy pile for extra heat retention and coziness. We happily bring you a variety of these knits from classic cable knit fabrics, to looser crocheted sweater knits to chunky rib knits! So make yourself something dense and warm, or just a light cover up out of these great sweater knits.

Crochet Stripe Knit Fabric Rose & Grey

Stripe Sweater Knit Red

Brenton Striped Sweater Knit Red and Black

Neon Sweater Knit

Thermal Knit Stripe Neon Orange
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Sale price: $5.99

Thermal Knit Stripe Neon Yellow
Regular price: $9.99
Sale price: $5.99

Harmony Animal Knit Green

Sweater Knit Stripe Mint

Stripe Light Weight Sweater Knit Mint

Ace Jacquard Jade

Mydas Stripe Lace Fabric Turquoise

Stripe Sweater Knit Teal

Striped Floral Sweater Knit Blue

Purple Sweater Knit

Alice Stripe Sweater Knit Brown

Linen Sweater Knit Fabric Grey

Onyx Terry Backed Sweater Knit Grey

Cut Out Sweater Knit Black

Copacabana Zig Zag Knit Black

Sweater Knit Stripe

Sweater Knit Stripe Tan

Sweater Knit Solid White

Tidal Knit Ivory

Neon Stripe Sweater Knit Navy

Crochet Sweater Knit Ivory

Sweater Knit Stripe White and Tan

Chevron Sweater Knit Grey

Rayon Terry-Backed Knit Silver

Double Sweater Knit

Sweater Knit Stripe Metallic Black and Silver

Sweater Knit Stripe Black and White

Sweater Knit Stripe Black

Heart Throb Sweater Knit Seafoam

Knit Dot Burnout Turquoise

Glitter Sweater Knit Grey and Silver

Lightweight Textured Stripe Knit White

Sweater Knit Heather Aqua

Ribbed Sweater Knit Burgundy

Wavy Stripe Sweater Knit Black

Patterned Stripe Knit Grey and White

Winter Memory Lace Sweater Knit Grey

Lightweight Sweater Knit Stripe Black and White

Gypsy Terry-Backed Sweater Knit Heather Grey

Ella Moss Patterned Sweater Knit Black