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Swimwear Knits

We have some hardcore swimmers here at Harts, and they swear by our top quality swimsuit fabrics. Of course, our swimsuit knits are good for so much more! These knit fabrics are great for dance costumes, and workout clothing as well. If you need a super stretchy and sturdy fabric, search no further. We offer lycra and spandex fabrics in a multitude of colors and designs as well as high quality linings for them. Many of our swimsuit solids are manufactured in, and shipped directly from Italy. These are some of the highest quality swimsuit knits available on the market today, and their handle and durability prove it. We also make sure to bring you fun, quality prints for every personality!
Whether you're an open ocean swimmer, or are throwing a classy pool-party, or need a new leotard for your jazzercise class, we're confident that you'll find what you're looking for here at Harts!

Shimmer Black Swimwear Fabric

White Nylon Spandex Mesh Fabric

Shimmer White Swimwear Fabric

Stretch Nylon Spandex Netting Fabric Nude

Animal Print Leopard Swimwear Neon

Lace Print Swimwear

Leopard Hologram Neon Swimwear/Dancewear

Golden Leopard Swimwear

Polkadot Swimwear Lime

Stripe Tricot Neon Green Swimwear

Stripe Tricot Neon Pink Swimwear

Neon Leopard Swimwear Pink

Cougar Mesh Brown

Cougar Mesh Blue/Grey

Solid Black Swimsuit

Enso Swimsuit Solid White

Italian Swimwear Solid Coffee

Swimwear Solid Pink

Swimwear Fabric Speckles

Swimwear Neon Palms

Swimwear Pixellated Teal and Orange

Athletic Tricot Mesh Knit Seafoam

Athletic Tricot Mesh Knit Periwinkle

Athletic Tricot Mesh Knit Atomic Red

Athletic Tricot Mesh Knit Orchid

Athletic Tricot Mesh Knit Black

Swimwear Large Dot Black and White

Nylon Spandex Swimear Teal

Nylon Spandex Swimear Grey

Nylon Spandex Swimear Black

Nylon Spandex Swimear Purple

Plaid Swimwear Knit Grey

Bubble Dot Swimwear Knit Navy

Aztec Swimwear Knit White

Leopard Swimwear Knit Minty

Hibiscus Leopard Swimwear Knit Minty

Stripe Swimwear Knit Hot Pink

Swimwear Knit Fabric Ballerina Pink