Laminated Cottons

Our laminated cottons feature some of your favorite quilting cotton prints, but are fused to a clear vinyl, water resistant coating. These fabrics are designed by top designers like Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink and Amy Butler, and are easy to sew without complicated or expensive tools.

These are great choices for rainwear, placemats, bibs, grocery totes, lunch sacs and portable work surfaces. If you’re having trouble sewing with laminated fabrics, here’s a few tips: Sew on the cotton side of the vinylized fabric as much as possible. If you need to sew on the laminated side, place some tissue paper down in between your foot and fabric, then tear the tissue away when done. A tiny bit of scotch tape on your foot will do the same, just leave a space for your needle to pass through.

Commonly abbreviated as BPA, Bisphenol A is a compound used to make plastic and epoxy resins. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has raised concerns regarding BPA exposure. That concern surrounds food safety, especially with regards to infants and youths. Many people would prefer to avoid BPA when making a finished product that will be used with food. While all vinyl coated cottons are safer around consumable products than petroleum based fabrics, BPA free laminated fabrics can give you complete ease of mind when creating lunch bags, grocery totes and bibs. When you take into account the cute patterns that are offered as BPA free, it’s a win-win situation.

Brandon Mably Gone Fishing BPA Free Laminated Cotton Multi

BPA Free Alexander Henry Mahalo Girls Laminated Cotton Black

BPA Free Amy Butler Cameo Hopscotch Cotton Laminated Fabric Lake

Alexander Henry Zócalo Laminated Cotton Fabric Bright

Alexander Henry La Paloma BPA Free Laminated Cotton Fabric Multi

Little Kukla BPA Free Laminated Cotton Fabric Bright <br><FONT COLOR="fc7db0">Employee Favorite!</FONT>

BPA Free Robert Kaufman Sewing Notions Laminated Cotton Fabric Brown

BPA Free Anna Maria Horner Field Study spotted in the Crowd Laminated Cotton Victoria

Natural Scallops Laminated Cotton Fabric by Philip Jacobs BPA Free

BPA Free Chevron Laminated Cotton Fabric Grey

Kaffe Fasset Laminated Flame Stripe Cotton Yellow

Kaffe Fasset Laminated Flame Stripe Cotton Brown

Kaffe Fasset Laminated Zig Zag Cotton Warm

Kaffe Fasset Laminated Zig Zag Cotton Multi

BPA Free Laminated Cotton Fabric Neon Orange

BPA Free Shore Scene Laminated Cotton Blue

Laminated Alexander Henry Luau Cotton Black

Laminated Alexander Henry Luau Cotton White

Laminated Alexander Henry Las Señoritas Cotton Tea

Michael Miller BPA Free Cameras Laminated Cotton Neutral

Michael Miller BPA Free Cameras Laminated Cotton Jewel

Laminated Fujiyoshi Brothers Cotton Canvas Black

Laminated Cotton Echino Birds Natural

Laminated Cotton Echino Bees Orange

Laminated Cotton Echino Hide Black

Laminated Cotton Echino Kalmia Natural

Laminated Cotton Camo Slicker Green

Laminated Cotton Paris Panache Blanche

Laminated Polyurethane Knit White (Waterproof)