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Here at Harts, we're happy and proud to offer a selection of the finest wool fabrics. Wool is a natural fiber that is not only renewable, but has ancient roots dating all the way back to the Bronze Age. Our selection of wool material ranges from fabrics suitable for lightweight garments all the way up to cozy dense wool that would be perfect for winter apparel.

Wool fiber comes from the dense and curly coat of a sheep which is sheared off to make the animal more comfortable in the warm months. Sheep will happily produce and shed wool year after year as part of their natural cycle.

Wool is the most absorbent natural fiber and its lightweight, breathable warmth will keep you comfortable all winter long!

We select all of our wool fabrics with our customer in mind, making sure that the fabric is of the highest quality, the most comfortable, and the best to sew with.

Wool Crepe Mint

Worsted Wool Crepe Emerald

Wool Twill Suiting Black

Wool Twill Suiting Grey

Wool Suiting Plaid Black

Midweight Backed Woolen Coating Black

Wool Coating with Backing

Midweight Plaid Wool Grey

Melton Wool Grey

Melton Wool Black

Midweight Plaid Wool Blue

Lace Wool Boucle Black

Italian Wool Coating Black

Wool Blend Houndstooth Black and White

Wool Coating Grey

Wool Flannel Plaid Grey

Wool Twill Coral

Wool Suiting Teal

Wool Suiting Prussian

Wool Twill Suiting Pepper

Wool Twill Black

Wool Coating Black

Wool Coating Heather Grey

Wool Coating Plaid Teal and Grey

Wool Coating Army Green